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How Well

Well, How Well may be, well, finished – nearly. I’ll whack it on to a CD with a few others, live with it for a while, and come back and do whatever tweaking comes to mind. It’s the third of three songs on this page:

How Well

A curious little song and I’m curious to know what you make of it.

2 thoughts on “How Well

  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I will do soon. I agree with your assessment of the Martin OM- 18V by the way – spot on. I just got one and I love it. Very different from my OM-21, of course. It’s good to have both. I keep the OM-21 now for low altered tunings. I would have posted this on the OM 18 page but I couldn’t see a space.


  2. Hi Jim!

    Thanks for stopping by. I was looking at the OM-21 – the new “Special” looks particulary good – but decided to stick with my OOO-28. It’d be hard to let it go and I don’t really want yet another guitar!


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