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I have this new thing called The Little Tinker and an older one called Local Anaesthetic. There are parts in each that feel as if there at the limits of my technique. It’s all very well making up cool sounding “licks” and changes when you’re noodling at a slow tempo and sotto voce, but if you can’t play it properly at speed and “in anger”, then what’s the point? Dumb. Anyway, most of yesterday evening was trying to come to terms with the guitar parts of these songs. I’m going to have to take them out soon and it’s going to be a nervy debut.

So, I didn’t get any work done on the recordings as I’d hoped. Maybe later today I’ll fire up the DAW and mull over a couple of things. I’m still keen to get one or two songs as near as damn it “finished” and post them up for critique. Some are quite close, I think.

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