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Po Faced & I Don’t Think So

These two have been around for a bit, now. I Don’t Think So is a new song, ie., it was written less than a year ago. Po-Faced used to exist under another name more than 30 (three-zero) years ago and has been recently revised resuscitated. Mucho changes. It (Po Faced) used to be a nasty, leering and disreputable piece that I had no right to put on an LP – which I did. You might ask “Why dig it up again, then?”. Well, the guitar part is fun so, despite misgivings about rewriting a song already committed to vinyl, albeit more than 30 (thirty) years ago, I’d decided to give it a go. The result is still not particularly heart-warming and spirits-lifting (something about the tune?) but – whatyagonnado?

I Don’t Think So doesn’t suffer from that historic baggage of course – in which case, I need another rationale for it’s gloomy aspect. Actually, I’m foolin’ with you: it’s full of wit and humour and wry irony and other stuff like that. Well…

While it’s not a stone-cold certainty these will get on the CD, they are in with a chance.

I’ve posted them on some sites to get some feedback and they’ve been there for while. As they say, here be the links (again):

Po Faced
I Don’t Think So

They’re downloadable, so please enjoy them and leave a comment about them here, if you like.

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