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What is Uneasy Listening?

Well, it’s the working title of the new project which in time will be a CD. To call it something at this stage gives it some “personality” which may influence the content. I’ve already got a few songs earmarked for inclusion some of which are already recorded and exist on my hard drive as scratch mixes. A couple are even on the song page of the main site and posted elsewhere on the ‘net. (Also see above.) There’s also a couple that are just written which need to be practiced up and played in public before I’ll be convinced about their inclusion. More of this anon.

I’m even toying with the idea of staying with the outdoors feel for CD booklet art and keeping with the courier font for the written content. This just appeals to my sense of these CDs being the component parts of an overall project. Maybe this is not the right way to go. We’ll see.

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