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Yes: “Noodles”. As in noodling on the guitar. I was going to call this section “Songs” but that presupposes a section on finished articles which would be as interesting as stripping paint – to write about, anyway.

So “Noodles”, it is, then.

Most of everything comes from noodles. Not always as haphazard as just moping about the fingerboard though – not always – not even often. Mostly I’m sitting with the guitar with a purpose and a bottle of wine. It could be about trying to get a new and weird scale settled in the muscle memory or finding more shocking ways to move from one key (tonality) to another key (tonality). I keep meaning to write the results of the latter down but rarely can I be bothered to get up and get a pencil and manuscript. But all this is done in a fairly relaxed manner (wine) and I’m happy to venture off if I stumble across something worth exploring. I might find a song, thereby.

The point being that it’s more interesting considering noodles and what comes from them – looking forward – than me writing about, and you reading about, a complete song – looking backwards. I thinks so, anyway. At least, I think I can write here, as I go, about that stuff more easily than the retrospective thing about some song that is more or less done and dusted – or consigned to the trash.

So henceforth I’ll try and be particular and be interesting…

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