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More on How Well

I posted How Well at a few places to get the benefit of some objective ears and some feedback on any “issues” with the recording. It seemed be liked by most of the good folks who took the trouble to listen and respond with comments. That’s always a relief and provides a little charge of confidence. Somebody heard “syllables in bundles” in the refrain. I like that. I don’t think it was a criticism.

More than one had a distaste for the “last” chord (it’s actually the penultimate chord but I guess it might feel like the last judging by the effect it’s having). On the guitar, its fingered as D major chord with a Bb in the bass. I stole the idea from the end of the 1st movement of Howard Hanson’s 2nd Symphony. Anyway, I suppose the chord is really a Bbmaj7 with an augmented 5th. I explained away its use as being a musical panic attack: “It reminds me of the occasions when I’ve almost dropped off to sleep and am awoken sharply by some trivial worry that has presumably been lurking in my sub-conscious, just waiting for the moment to strike!” I hope they understood!

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