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One For Julie (My Lucky Stars)

… is the title of the latest consequence of my incessant noodling. It’s a bit schmaltzy and jazz-tinged and is about as romantic as this guy is ever likely to get. Another result, so it is, of noodling with a glass of wine near to hand. I guess the guitar part was done and dusted within a couple of days, another day for the lyrics and there it is. I must say, slowish as it is, it’s fingering and singing-at-the-same-time is taking some practice to get down. It’s not a song that lends itself to careless and loose playing (you can get away with that sometimes): it’s got to be pretty tight. And because it’s not all that fast, sloppy playing will sound, well, sloppy. Sometimes there’s just nowhere to hide.

I think it’s a strong song, though: I’ll try and record it soon, post it around, and see what the world thinks.

Did I say “schmalzy”? Here’s a taste:

I like to be beneath the night sky
Taking for granted she’s nearby
Ooh, by the light of Mercury and Mars
I like to be thanking my lucky stars

Aw, isn’t that sweet…? I wrote it for my wife. She’s no doubt heard the guitar part developing as she’s being going about the house, but she hasn’t heard the song. I hope she likes it when she hears it.

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