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The season has arrived shockingly in the north-east of Scotland: warm sun, coloured vegetation and increased variety of birdcall. Easter with it’s usual display chocolate eggs and religion on the radio. Try and be patient with the tourist traffic and caravans tootling down the local byways. Ha! If it wasn’t so nice, I wouldn’t live here.

It’s also a New Year, of sorts: for the taxpayer and his nemesis… Not that I would begrudge paying fair dues. I just wish they wouldn’t keep changing the rules. How’s a man to plan? The feeling just grows that the concept of fairness doesn’t enter into it. Like sports referees: whim of the moment and selective blindness masquerading as flexibility.

Best slap on a new set of strings on the guitar: the moment calls for the open-faced optimism of the mahogany OM-18V.

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