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Driving Under The Influence Of Song

In preparation for recording vocal tracks I’ve often practiced singing to the guitar backing which I’ve burned to CD as I’m driving along. I’ve decided to cease and desist this practice because, while it is indeed helpful in all manner of ways in expediting a good recorded performance, it is putting me in mortal danger on the highways and byways around Aberdeen due to the astonishment my yelling and hollering is apparantly causing in other road users. I used to wonder why some vehicles would swerve while approaching from the other direction. It’s now clear that they are mistaking my open-mouthed expression of passion as a heart attack or insanity on my part.

Only yesterday, as I was appraching the climactic line in the final chorus of a song that I’m currently engaged with, a little old lady approaching from the other direction nearly drove me into a field as she bore down on me wide-eyed and mouth agape. I suddenly realised what a danger I had been. In hindsight, that the recording of “Interim Reports” was not the cause of any serious road traffic accidents is remarkable.

Use of cell phones while driving is banned in the UK. Singing should be too due to the risk of panic it causes in other road users.

Don’t you agree?

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