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My new Martin OM-28V

Well, I bought a new guitar. No big surprise there, you might think, but I’m not a serial guitar purchaser. I like to live with my guitar and get to work with its moods and foibles. There’s also the comfortable-old-shoes syndrome – I like not to be conscious that there’s a guitar on my lap, just as when walking in the hills I don’t like to be aware of the boots I am wearing. Apropos that, I had to sell my 000-28 because of the difference in the neck between it and my foot-stomp inducing OM-18V. Changing between one and the other made me aware of having to make adjustments in my playing in order to avoid fluffs (not always successfully). The sale funded the new guitar purchase which has solved this problem. I will devote a page to it hear containing a lyrical description of its tonal qualities and some pictures.

Why two guitars, anyway? Guitar players will have guessed already that the answer to that lies in the age-old “need” to own both a rosewood and a mahogany guitar. Why? Because they smell differently of course! The rosewood has a clear vanilla nose which quite, quite intoxicating.

Mahogany smells like wood.

2 thoughts on “My new Martin OM-28V

  1. Hi Dave,
    I was intrigued to know your thoughts about the Martin 000-28 compared to the OM28V or if you have ever played it the newer OM 21 special. At the moment I have an 000-28 on order, I am buying a new guitar which I wanted a smaller body for which I would use pretty much just for fingerpicking, folk and blues sort of music with the odd celtic (ie. Martin Simpson esque tune) thrown in. I ordered the OOO-28 as I played one that felt just right and was very easy to play. Unfortunately the shop didn’t have the other two models in, so I had to compare it to the new performing artist OM, which I found a little harder to play, the fret spacing was a bit wider and less comfortable for me. Just wondered what your thoughts were? Should I stick with the 000-28 or look to find an OM instead? What are your thoughts about the models?

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Here’s what I wrote (in case you didn’t see it) about the 000-28 I used to own.

    Your own observations are pretty much spot on: the OM feels initially “harder” to play because of the longer scale length, wider fingerboard and the thicker neck. But unless you have small hands you will get acclimatised to it pretty quickly I think. It doesn’t suit everyone though.

    The main thing for me is simply the sound: OM’s are louder and richer in tone. And although loudness is by no means everything is does offer more dynamic range.

    I’ve played an ordinary OM-21, but not the special, so I can’t really say.

    At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice – but I guess you know that!

    Good luck!


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