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A Pickup On My OM-18V”¦

“¦ was installed at the same time as the aforementioned nut job, above. So far, and after only a quick audition in the store, it is all I expected it to be: like an acoustic guitar with a pick-up on it.

Let me be clear: the sound of an acoustic guitar with a pick-up, of whatever flavour, is not something I expect ever to quicken the pulse. I have not heard any that hasn’t imparted a certain”¦ ah”¦. grittiness to the sound. Anyway, “loud acoustic guitars” is almost a contradictio in adjecto – it’s not their natural state. Even when carefully mic’d they sound unrealistic if even just because they are loud. Still, it’s a means to an end (to allow me to play place where there is much “ambience”) without having to haul another mic and a PA (been there – done that). So it’s a wee compact acoustic amp which will take a mic for the voice that will do for me.

For the time being, I can pop along to open mics where the rock guys play and plug in and get it all “under my fingers”. Then I’ll need to buy one of them compact acoustic amplifier thingies. Oh, and a mic – and stand. Not forgetting I also need to figure out which EQ and compressor is good to get for this application. On the other hand, I’ve got an old Lexicon reverb unit which will serve for songs written specially for the Taj Mahal, or when I’m playing in a carpet factory. So, I’m almost set. Ready to rock’n roll. As they say. Yup.

In case you’re wondering: no, I’m not going to be putting any pick-up on my OM-28V. Waverly tuners? You bet!

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