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New song – Living Is Easy

It’s played on my Martin OM-18V.

I have a class of song that use I as catharsis in response to certain challenges I face in life. I call this class of songs my Catharsis Song Class 🙄 . The challenge met by this particular example is the vicious circle of insomnia caused by a bum day job which renders the day job less endurable which causes me to lose even more sleep. I commend the song to anybody requiring something soporific in the wee small hours. As ever from me this is a filigree of fingerstyle underpinning a wine befuddled vocal.

Soon to be on my Uneasy Listening CD, I hope you have time to have a listen.

Can be streamed from here:

Living Is Easy

And downloaded here:

Soundclick Music Page

Zee lyrics:

Living Is Easy

I lie away at night
But I’m not counting sheep
I’m just trying to get some sleep

Turn on the radio
A little jazz FM
I’d sleep easy if I could play like them

Get up in the morning
Go to shave my face
Get ready to join the human race

Living is easy
Without any sub-plots
I’m just happy joining up the dots

I hope you enjoy it!

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