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More apropos guitar builders and luthiers

I once wrote a piece about factory built guitars and those built by independent guitar makers.

Well, “luthier” is a term that irritates me no end. When I was younger, there existed guitar technicians and guitar builders. Seems now that the latter are become luthiers. I thought luthiers made lutes. My bad.

Nevertheless, in 1987 my old friend Chris Eccleshall built me a guitar. He was a guitar builder. I think he still is. I don’t recall him referring to himself as a “luthier”.

I’m tempted sometimes, when I come across these luthiers on internet forums and bulletin boards, to yank their chain about their highfalutin’ professional handle – but always hold back in case I offend. Anyway the definition of a luthier is “One that makes or repairs stringed instruments, such as violins.” So be it. Nevertheless, the term smacks of a snobbery that irks.

On the other hand, it may just be me that’s not moved with the times.

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