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Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol

A recipe for a contented (albeit a shorter) life. The world would be a little grayer without these little pleasures. This view is not very fashionable but there’s little about me that is fashionable.

And this urge to live as long as possible: if an eternity of oblivion awaits then a lifespan of forty years or one hundred and forty – are both a blink of an eye. And if we go to a “better place”, then the sooner the better, no?

And more: do I not hear from the TV and radio that the nation (the UK in this case) is getting swamped by old people who will shortly become an unsustainable drain on the health care system? Not to mention the lack of money for adequate pensions!

Apropos the length of my own life: I’m not sure how much it will matter when I’m dead how long I’ve lived. (I’d like to smoke less, though… )

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