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Norman Lebrecht

All of my listening time is spent with classical music and one of my favourite bloggers in that arena is Norman Lebrecht. Lebrecht is a passionate, opinionated and often controversial writer and speaker. He describes it as he sees it and he ruffles feathers. I don’t have the depth of knowledge or experience to make any judgements in most of the areas he explores in his writing – I just enjoy his candor and the skill in his expression of his views. I share one of his passions: the music of Gustav Mahler. I have his Mahler Remembered and his Why Mahler? is on my Christmas list.

Norman Lebrecht cares about music, musicians and the music business. He is associated purely with classical music (to my knowledge). I wish we acoustic guitar players had such an advocate. But then: we are a dissolute bunch and revel in our fingerpickin’ flavoured amateurism. Or perhaps I’m just speaking for myself…

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