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Sticky Headphones and a Concert

Well, what’s new under the sun?

S’far as I’m concerned it’s hard to blog about exciting stuff after sucking a pair of headphones from the sides of your skull after two straight weeks editing and checking of mixes.

On a side note, I took my family to a concert in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall on Friday. Two symphonies by Sibelius and Shostakovich’s first violin concerto. We were four rows back from the stage, and, man, the soloist in the concerto was really shreddin’ the finale.

There will be erudite reviews from the sniffy brigade in the mainstream press, I have no doubt – but it was a crackling performance to my ears!

What’s all that got to do with fingersyle guitar playing? Well, the third movement of the Shostakovich is a passacaglia which, by it’s nature, has a repeated bass figure underpinning…

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