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Lyrics that are now hard to sing

Here’s an extract from the lyrics to my song Entropy:

Oceans will rise,
Continents fall,
As sure as night follows day

She don’t know
Why they come
And they do not stay

Well, oceans have been rising and continents falling – at least sliding beside and underneath each other – since I wrote these words and with cataclismic results: pacific rim, New Zealand, Chile, Haiti, Japan.

My point in the lyric was a none-too-serious attempt to compare decay in human relationships with examples of the physical world’s inexorable journey from order into chaos. Hence the song’s title. Now, I wrote that song with that lyric in the early 1990s when this planet’s tectonic plates, so far as I can remember, were not on the march.

I still like to play this song at gigs and stuff. But when I sing that part, I can’t help feeling uncomfortable in light of current and recent events. I have no idea whether members of my audience might assume this is a new song written opportunistically after these disasters – inspired by them – instead of a couple of decades before, and as a sideways glance at love.

The smart reader will be wondering why I’m so absorbed about possible reactions to some words in my song instead of the plight of the peoples that are victim to the circumstances to which the words accidentally and obliquely refer.

Just my musings. Thanks for listening.

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