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Next project: Good Grief! (CD). And you can help!

And have some fun ““ probably at my expense.   😀

Over the next while I will post songs that will be candidates for my next CD and I’d like to get your opinions about which ones you think should be on it. Why? Well, I have many more songs that are recorded than will fit on a CD so I’d like some help in getting a short list and finally a settled track listing. Judging by the messages I receive from you, gentle readers, I think you folks have impeccable tastes so I’m confident we’ll arrive at the best selection.

There will be a poll with each songs with voting buttons for your use. You can also leave comments in the box provided.

(I’m thinking of doing the same with artwork options for the CD booklet, etc.)

I hope you will help. There will be rewards and prizes but I’ve not worked these out yet (ideas welcome). Watch out for an announcement.

Vote here! Vote often!


2 thoughts on “Next project: Good Grief! (CD). And you can help!

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