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Good Grief! candidate #2: Piranha

Play the song:

Whyever I thought in my fevered imaginings that such an ugly fish as a piranha was a suitable metaphor for a good looking – albeit predatory – woman escapes me just for the moment. But there it is. Once again your humble songsmith takes what otherwise might have been unremarkable dogeral to hitheto unplumbed depths.

But I’m not going go about trying to “improve” it, though. Oh dear,no. I’ll not bend in my commitment to resist society’s poet-ist and beauty-ist discrimatory values. I’ll continue to fight for its rights in the just confidence that with the right care and a loving audience it will have a rich, rewarding, fulfulling, and proud future.

Nah! So there!

(Technical note: The guitar part is in rather an unusual tuning for me due to a rare success in achieving an accurate tuning of the instrument before the recording started.)

Now, here’s where I need your help dear reader (see here for why):

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"Vote - or I'll bite yer finger off!"

Go here for a free download of the mp3 and, for guitar players, a pdf of the tab/score.

Oh, and please – leave any thoughts, helpful suggestions – and anything else comes to mind in the box below:

2 thoughts on “Good Grief! candidate #2: Piranha

  1. Hallo Dave, I’ve not been paying attention and nearly missed this one. and of course I still think only you can really decide. I do like this song, but this time you could think about leaving the repeat verse out cos the story ends after your escape. Or maybe you just can’t help yourself from going back! Also I did feel that you sounded a bit Red johnnish yerself at the start!
    Hope that helps Kind regs etc Peter

  2. Nice to hear from you again, Peter.

    Well, I guess I am Red John! The song is somewhat autobiographical. In fact, Piranha is close cousin. They both revolve around my inferiority complex…

    Back to the structure of Piranha. I think you’re right. The recap. of the first verse is a bit of a cop-out. My lame excuse is that I liked the verse so much I couldn’t resist it. In mitigation I could claim that it reinforces the fish allegory and the song’s title. Anyway, I don’t think I could conjure up another verse about this predatory fish. And I felt the song had enough unique verses. And with the reprise the song gets to be the right length to my ears. But I readily accept these are not compelling reasons and the song is maybe flawed in this respect. I’ll try and find a solution.


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