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A Place To Practice and Rehearse

On any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… these days I can be completely ignored while in my private rehearsal space.

Dave Keir Durris Rehearsal Space

You will see the stool which I sit on because I’m often asked to play on bar stools so a certain posture has to be “rehearsed”.

You will see a glass of wine but not the bottle that refreshes it. You will see a tuning fork in case my ears deceive me. You will see a page of paper and a pen with which I use to list down songs to practice. You will see a bottle of water for when a sip of wine is insufficient. You will see a book on the table which is called “The Indie Band Survival Guide”. You will see a leather suite of chairs I rarely occupy until exhausted.

Martin OM-18VAnd for fans of the Martin OM-18V – which in my case badly needs a refret, a new saddle, and a jolly good old setup – here’s a close up.




And in the height of summer when the sun hardly sets outside my practice space, there is always the light. And the light looks like this:

DurrisThis is not the all of it. I’ve missed out the work with the songs for the CD because I haven’t thought yet about how to make photographs of computer screens and headphones newsworthy. Hah!

The light! The light!

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