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My Cat the Composer

All you cat owners know that your pet’s mind is a mystery. But sometimes its deportment and its habits provide clues. My cat, Dougal, has, for example a habit of taking over my manuscript on whatever surface it’s laid. There may be acres of lie-downable space to hand, but – plonk – onto the manuscript he goes; and, for all I bloody well know, muses on key relationships and melodic lines.

But – like his staff (me) – he goes all “Fuggit. I’ll finish it tomorrow… I’ve got more important stuff to do…”

I could get out a new page or two of manuscript and wander off somewhere quiet, but My Cat The Composer will not leave me to my own devices for too long.

One thought on “My Cat the Composer

  1. Nice story. Now if my dogs would do that for me. I guess I shouldn’t keep them locked out of the control room…but then who knows what would be released… 🙂

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