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Good Grief! candidate #3: Irresolution Blues

Play the song:
[audio:|titles=Irresolution Blues]
 Here’s another song which is a candidate for my next CD, Good Grief!

Irresolution Blues is a song about indecision. I’m quite certain of that. It was a blues that was crying out to be kept simple but I screwed up by messing around on the guitar between the sung bits and so denied it that. Maybe because of this misdemeanor it er.. um.. well, it has some uncertainty about its… ah… er… well…

What I do know is that listening to it is not the same as thinking about it. Making it up in the first place is not the same as playing it in another place. All that can be hoped for in the heat of the moment is that fingering and intonation is certain.  To quell a flutter of anxiety. To preempt any swell of nausea. Belt it out in defiance and in any case!

Bandits at twelve o’clock! “What you wanna do?” What else but this!

This of all irresolute songs is deserving of a poll. Vote now! (Or come back later if you’re unsure…)

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Download the song (192kbps MP3), read the lyrics, and (for guitarists) view and download the guitar notation and tab here.

And, of course, I would welcome any comments below – with conviction or otherwise.

[Edit: because of the excellent comments from Phil (see comments on this post below) and my good friends over at , I’ve made some adjustments to the recording. I hope you think it’s improved!]

8 thoughts on “Good Grief! candidate #3: Irresolution Blues

  1. I like the lyrics. Reminds me of a girl I know…

    Anyway, total irresolution in the lyrics, and total certainty in the instrumental part, is a beautifully resolute mix, and guaranteed to be a hit. I only once ever wrote a blues, and it was decidedly but subtly rude… this one’s publishable 🙂

    Go for it.


  2. Hiya Mark! It’s good of you drop by. I’m glad the song meets with your approval. I know at least now that it has a measure of quality about it.

    I’ll get in touch next time I’m in Aberdeen and let’s see if we can get together and catch up.

    Cheers, mate!

  3. Hi Dave, long time no email. I really like the song, it should go on the CD. How about taking off some of the reverb on your voice to bring it up front?


  4. Hi Phil. Great to hear from you again! Others have also said it’s swimming a bit in reverb. I’ve already gone back and fixed it and will upload the new version shortly. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Beautiful, skillful guitar playing, pleasing to the ear. Harsh, tuneless vocals droning out lyrics I have no desire to remember. A mismatch here which does not create music I could enjoy.

  6. Hi Elizabeth!

    I’m so sorry the song spoiled your appreciation of the guitar part so much. I wonder if the harshness you speak of is something you hear in the recording – or is it about the singing or sensibility of the song?

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to listen and comment!


  7. hi dave, this is rolf
    good song , like the guitar and amazing your self zitat from yor records 30 years ago,dount know the titles yet, do it and sing for me and all the people who love you
    thanks for your presence in my musical live
    your friend rolf

  8. Hi Rolf! Good to hear from you again, too! Thanks once more for your kind comments!

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