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Good Grief! candidate #4: Waiting For Krzysztof

Play the song:
[audio: For Krzysztof.mp3|titles=Waiting For Krzysztof]
One more for the CD, “Good Grief!”. Maybe. It’s up to you. 😉 See the poll below – vote now!

As you listen, you might start to form the opinion that I’ve squeezed some words into what is essentially a guitar tune. Er… not so. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is above all a song. To prove it, here’s the lyrics:

Waiting For Krzysztof

While she was waiting for Krzysztof
While she had time on her hands
She mused on the passing of steam
And the far Morecambe sands
And the grass that is bent by the winds
On the dunes all day

While she gazed out on the platform
In the pools of the cold neon light
She dreamed of the crying of gulls
And the stealth of the tide
Nobody walks these long sands
Without their leave

But. Does it get to sit on the CD? You’re chance to vote:

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Dave Keir Cold Light

2 thoughts on “Good Grief! candidate #4: Waiting For Krzysztof

  1. For something with a similar feel to it, try “Maryam” from Robert Wyatt’s album “Shleep”. Both items are highly commendable creations.


  2. I’ll do exactly what you suggest! How the heck are you doing, Mark? It’s been such a long time again!

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