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Good Grief! The CD Is Released!

I’m proud to announce the release today of my new CD, Good Grief!

Dave Keir's Good Grief!

The CD and downloads can be purchased worldwide from CD Baby using the link below:

Or for £8.00 with FREE delivery UK and Europe customers can buy directly directly from this website via Paypal:

From the booklet:

Fast slow fast slow. As far as ordering songs on my records, I can’t get over the habit. I thought I’d try and avoid it this time around. But here I go again…
Why “Good Grief!”? Well, I claim that there’s at least a measure or two of exasperation in each of the songs herein. Can you hear it? Catharsis!
The tunes. The damn’ tunes! I’ve lived with them and rinsed them repeatedly. Some are hot-off-the guitar and some are as old as my hills. Blues influences and modal forms elbow each other. That can cause accidents and evidence of this provided.
The lyrics. A blurting out at a tempo to fit a melodic and harmonic arch. Some verses are cock-a-hoop and others are downcast and trodden but this is of the essence and per the recipe. I hope they are self-explanatory and are not in need of laying out in tiny type in this booklet. Where they puzzle, be assured that I share your bewilderment.
Fast slow fast slow fast. Slow. Finally and at the end there’s a slow slow. What the heck.
I hope you enjoy listening to all of these as much I enjoyed whipping them into shape.

Dave Keir
May 2012

My thanks to:

John Need who took the photographs
Matt Azevedo who mastered the CD
Neil Warden who designed the package

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