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Tabs and Notations Page Updated

I have (finally) updated the tabs and notation page with most of the songs from Good Grief! As ever, I hope they give pleasure and interest for those inclined to explore them and try them out. I will try and get some time to write down the few remaining and upload them soon.

1 thought on “Tabs and Notations Page Updated

  1. well now Dave, there’s a thing…googled you and there you was, alive and picking.
    You may need a single malt to get over the shock! Good to hear you’re still at it.
    So am I…still trying to learn how to play the damn thing after all these years.
    If you’re interested, get back via email above.
    Too much water under many bridges to go into here….but, love my old strat and take it to Bielefeld now and again for a bit of collaboration. They come here too (Devon now)
    Anyway, be good to hear from you…
    all the best

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