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I will shortly post some pieces of notated music which I have given the collective title of “Outros”. They are part of an ongoing project to collect a multitude of snippets, ideas, still-born songs sans lyrics, wine induced vanities, juvinilia I’d hoped to take beyond nostalgia and some half-finished guitar interludes that would otherwise be waste paper. There are quite a lot of them and they have no titles or any differentiating features beyond their key and time signatures and tempos. Therefore I decided I would name each by key and unique number, ie; “Outro in <key> No.<ID>”.  Tempo will be indicated at the head of the piece. But there is one other issue: published Outros are not necessarily finished or complete and I might revise (improve) any and all of them from time to time. So published versions will be differentiated by a file and on-page naming convention / protocol.

So these Outros will be published here as notated and unsophisticated (Finale) guitar scores; however for musicians who might be interested in MIDI versions for their own use, and also for the sake of anybody who would like to hear an audio facsimile of the notated part, these will also be posted. An Audio Exchange .XML file and .pdf of the original Finale score will also be made available. All these will be free to download and use under Creative Commons 4.0 license which means you can do what the heck you like with them except make money from them unless you cut me in.

That’s all for now. I hope to publish in a few days.

Happy New Year from Edinburgh!


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