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Outro in A No.4

As promised, here is the first of my “Outros”. You can open and / or download the .pdf file of the guitar score and a simple .mp3 rendered from my scoring software (Finale) belo.

This Outro is a bit jazzy in a bluesy sort of way. And a bit sleazy, if I may suggest. A stripper could use this; in fact it can be hired for that purpose for a fee. Else, a songwriter with determination might have sung something nice with this. But not me.

Outro in A No.42014OpenPlayDownload

Should you be interested in having the native Finale file or .xml music exchange file for your own non-commercial use or just experimentation, please put in a request below in the comment box and register with this site and I will mail to you at your registered email address.

All other comments or questions are welcome below.

Have fun – I hope you enjoy it!

The Fannichs

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