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New Song: “Afraid”

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OM-18VI made this tune up in 2005 in Naples, Florida on my my newly purchased Martin OM-18V (see right). It was when I was noodling on some simple chords back in the hotel room, while getting used to my new guitar, that during much investigative prodding and poking, picking and strumming that I alighted on it. Why that should be when I was only interested in exploring the sonority of my new instrument, I don’t know. The lyrics came much later when I was back in the UK and when I had become aware that a song was lurking in these simple fingerpicked chords. And in the process I show my unerring ability to make the normally bright and breezy key of C Major something quite a bit darker. Ho-hum.


Be afraid
That’s OK
Your pulse can race but you can’t
Run away

They’ll try to blow you around
Well you can bend with the breeze
But you must
Stand your ground

Pride and grace

You can be statuesque
Or you can just feign death
Or you can just stand still and take a
Big deep breath

So staunch those tears
I’ve been that way for years
And no-one’s
Noticed yet

Pride and grace

© 2015 Dave Keir

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