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New Song: “Rattling Drum”

Play the song:

[audio: Drum.mp3|titles=Rattling Drum]

What to say about this? Best to read the lyrics below to get a feeling about where this song is going. If I were to paint a picture for you it would be of an unsatisfied, anxiety-ridden, nine-to-fiver wasting his life self-medicating with booze after work with his partner at home left alone and wondering. Cheerful stuff!

(Don’t forget – all new songs can be found here.)

Rattling Drum

Stepping out into the daylight
I’ve got bad case of stage fright
Weak at the knees and feeling queasy
But nobody said it would be easy

Why don’t you phone?
You’ve been out all night
Are you alone?
Are you alright?
Ah, yes, I’m alone
But I’m as tight as a rattling drum

Fixing the world with a cold stare
The sea of humanity is out there
Holding on with a tight grip
Knowing I could lose it all with just one slip

Looking at the people on the platform
Looking at the clock and looking forlorn
They’re hoping for once it is punctual
I hope there’s a points failure on the Transvaal

All touchy-feely and as smooth as cream
Have a piece of the pie, be part of the team
I hope I can avoid all the hoopla
The gobbledegook, the broo-ha-ha

My body is telling me to fight or flee
My legs are like jelly and I need to go for a wee-wee
Nobody said it would be a walk in the park
But it’s 10 a.m. and it’s so dark

© 2015 Dave Keir

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