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Teuchter Tunes… and some others

[Teuchter (pronounced chew-ch-ter with the middle ‘ch’ sounding as the scottish word loch) is a Lowland Scots word used mainly for Northern or Highland Scots]

Well, coming from the folk tradition I was bound, I suppose, as a fingerpicker, to explore the instrumental folk music of the lands hereabouts (Scotland). What started out a party piece during some gigs in the ’70s developed into a more considered exploration and I eventually arranged a number of Scottish and Irish fiddle tunes for the guitar. There was a spell when I peppered my performances with a few of these tunes, but these days I mostly use them as practice pieces to keep my “chops” in shape.

Becoming aware recently of the rising popularity of what is euphemistically called Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar, I decided there might some interest in what I had done, so I wrote them down in order to make them available here. I offer them in PDF format – along with short MP3 recordings of a couple of them – for exploration by fingerstyle guitar players. Please download via the links provided below.

I have other tabs I will upload soon including the two to accompany a the “mp3 clips only” below. I may also record some more clips to go with all the rest of the scores I those missing below and the others.

You will find that they are mostly in altered tunings which is a device I have only used for these purposes, preferring standard tuning for my own songs. I also invariably put a capo on the 2nd fret when I play these, for some reason.

I hope you enjoy them.

Tabs / Notation and mp3 clips:

Tab: Sleeping Maggie (9232 downloads)
mp3: Sleeping Maggie (7401 downloads)

Tab: Highland Donald Kissed Kitty (4384 downloads)
mp3: Highland Donald Kissed Kitty (4876 downloads)

Tab: High Road To Linton (4121 downloads)
mp3: High Road To Linton (4354 downloads)

Tabs / Notation only:

Blewitts Jig (2678 downloads)
To Daunton Me (1801 downloads)


mp3 clips only:

The Source Of Spey (1588 downloads)
Hawthorn Hedges (1463 downloads)


Postscript and a caveat: What is Celtic guitar playing, anyway?? For my own part – and although I’ve used the term myself on this page – I dislike the term “Celtic” being associated with guitar playing, or this music generally, because, (a) the Celts did not play guitars, and, (b) the term dilutes awareness and acknowledgement of the specific origins of the music, ie, Scotland, Ireland, etc. The term Scots – or Irish – and Celts is not inter-changeable! But hey – whatyagonna do?

I’ve written further on this here.

2 thoughts on “Celtic Tabs and MP3 Downloads

  1. Dave, I have no talent but I love this music and the guitar.
    Thanks for presenting your music here. Your tunes, in structure,
    seem so simple but are played so fast that they sound so
    complicated. Is there any advice you can give to someone like
    me interested in simply learning to play these kinds of tunes with
    conviction and some elementary level of mastery.
    Regards, Peter Houghtaling

  2. Wonderful Celtic music…so close to heart. Hybernian milieu.

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