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Guitar Parts for the Songs on the CDs – Interim Reports, Uneasy Listening and Good Grief!

Over the years I have developed the habit of writing down the guitar parts to my songs. Originally this was for the sole purpose of a reference if I had something half-composed which I left for a while and needed to refresh my memory when I came back to it. Over time these scores have developed into a “body of work” which I began to feel might be put to better use than just being a personal archive.

So, I’m pleased to offer these written down guitarparts in .pdf format to my fellow players for interest, fun, experimentation, or mere curiosity. Just open the document by clicking the link and save a copy to your computer, or right-click and “save as”.

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.

I have not taken the trouble to notate the vocal parts on the presumption that players will have divined the tunes by ear! On the other hand, I have added the lyrics in case my accent makes their deciphering a bit of an issue! Also, I have not indicated repeats since these are obvious from the song!

If you wish to play them, please feel free to reinterpret or rearrange them to suit your own style. You can also share them with friends and you can perform them in public as written or arranged (indeed I would be very flattered if you did!) However, please don’t however otherwise publish them or record them for public release, without asking me first. Thanks!

I will be very happy to help with interpretation of these scores and to suggest alternative fingering if desired. I would also be pleased to read your comments and whether you have found them useful and pleasing to play. Just drop me a line!

These scores are offered for free but if you want to buy me a coffee then that would help keep me awake long enough to score one or two more tonight…

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