The Favour

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…this is sort of a new song. To be precise, the lyrics are entirely new but the guitar part goes way back. It used to be a song about a dead cat and was on my first LP. That record being deleted from the catalogue I figured I could take it, lose the cat, and turn it into something more edifying. In the good ol’ days the song was called “Bones” – now it’s called, well, “The Favour”. I’ve also had to take the key down a step or two because my voice has got deeper. Not more resonant or more characterful – just deeper!

Loosely, the song’s about a suspected infidelity.

Download the mp3 – right-click to save as… The Favour (1074).

For guitar players, here’s a link to the notation / tab of the guitar part: The Favour (464)

Please note that I use a capo (on the first fret, I think) when I recorded this.

The Favour

Your evening classes
Leave you out of breath
All that yoga
And Shakespeare’s MacBeth

You’ve got an outside interest
I’m really pleased for you
We talk more
Than we used to do

There is one favour
Before we turn out the light
Tell me
It’s alright

© 2009 Dave Keir. All Rights Reserved.

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One Response to The Favour

  1. rolf wöhrmann says:

    i like bones even more its lyrycs are deeper to me

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