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I think I’m selling a Martin 000-28

Oh, well. I’m reluctant to do it because it’s a great guitar. I’ve written about it here.

Why would I sell it? Well it’s not getting played very much because my OM-18V is my go-to guitar for practicing and recording – particularly up-tempo stuff. Now, the OM is a long scale (25.4″) guitar and is 1.75″ at the nut. The 000 is shorter and narrower, respectively. This doesn’t make any difference for lots of people and they are happy swapping between guitars with different neck dimensions without giving it a second thought. I wonder what they’re playing, though – because I find the number of fluffs I make with the stuff I do unnacceptable when going from one to the other. Anyway, I’ll accept it’s a limitation of mine and move on.

So there it is: I’m selling the 000-28 and will use the funds to contribute towards an OM-28V which is a sibling to both aforesaid guitars and is a fantastic guitar in its own right.

Anyway, I’ve just gotta have some rosewood in the house.