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Jazz guitar

I’m a big fan and I’ve bought books on the subject and CDs of some of the greats – but I can’t call myself a jazz player by any stretch of the imagination. I’m toying with the idea of getting a Gibson ES-335 for some of that groove which might kick-start me into putting in some serious study time in order to justify buying the guitar in the first place! Also, I’ve never been a natural improviser outside of my own doodling and doodling which is pretty unstructured and I’d be totally out of my depth in a band, or combo. I don’t even know if I could fake it even after a few years study and practice.

But I do love the form and some of the “sound” has crept into a couple of songs. Eh, but that not hard to do if you liberally sprinkle a few altered dominant-seventh and minor-ninth chords here and there. If you can’t do it for real, pretend you can and call it “pastiche”.