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Good Grief! candidate #3: Irresolution Blues

Play the song:
[audio:|titles=Irresolution Blues]
 Here’s another song which is a candidate for my next CD, Good Grief!

Irresolution Blues is a song about indecision. I’m quite certain of that. It was a blues that was crying out to be kept simple but I screwed up by messing around on the guitar between the sung bits and so denied it that. Maybe because of this misdemeanor it er.. um.. well, it has some uncertainty about its… ah… er… well…

What I do know is that listening to it is not the same as thinking about it. Making it up in the first place is not the same as playing it in another place. All that can be hoped for in the heat of the moment is that fingering and intonation is certain.  To quell a flutter of anxiety. To preempt any swell of nausea. Belt it out in defiance and in any case!

Bandits at twelve o’clock! “What you wanna do?” What else but this!

This of all irresolute songs is deserving of a poll. Vote now! (Or come back later if you’re unsure…)

[poll id=”5″]

Download the song (192kbps MP3), read the lyrics, and (for guitarists) view and download the guitar notation and tab here.

And, of course, I would welcome any comments below – with conviction or otherwise.

[Edit: because of the excellent comments from Phil (see comments on this post below) and my good friends over at , I’ve made some adjustments to the recording. I hope you think it’s improved!]

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Good Grief! How many songs?

Part of the reason for the polls I’ve been setting up for songs that I’m considering for Good Grief! is that I’ve too many recorded to fit on one record! “Fine”, I hear you say: “make it a double album, or save some for a later release.” Nah, neither option appeals – but thanks for the thought. I’m more inclined to put the successful candidates (see polls) on the record and do something else with the rest – like, for example, a free download album to CD customers. Just a thought. What do you think?

Here’s a discussion I came across on a forum to stimulate some thoughts:

How long is a full length album?

Do you have an opinion?

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Good Grief! candidate #2: Piranha

Play the song:

Whyever I thought in my fevered imaginings that such an ugly fish as a piranha was a suitable metaphor for a good looking – albeit predatory – woman escapes me just for the moment. But there it is. Once again your humble songsmith takes what otherwise might have been unremarkable dogeral to hitheto unplumbed depths.

But I’m not going go about trying to “improve” it, though. Oh dear,no. I’ll not bend in my commitment to resist society’s poet-ist and beauty-ist discrimatory values. I’ll continue to fight for its rights in the just confidence that with the right care and a loving audience it will have a rich, rewarding, fulfulling, and proud future.

Nah! So there!

(Technical note: The guitar part is in rather an unusual tuning for me due to a rare success in achieving an accurate tuning of the instrument before the recording started.)

Now, here’s where I need your help dear reader (see here for why):

[poll id=”4″]

"Vote - or I'll bite yer finger off!"

Go here for a free download of the mp3 and, for guitar players, a pdf of the tab/score.

Oh, and please – leave any thoughts, helpful suggestions – and anything else comes to mind in the box below:

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Good Grief! Candidate #1: The Shirt

Join me on the upward and windy path toward the pinicle of my achievements so far in this wild land on independent musicianship as I take a deep breath and start preparing my next CD.

It’s already got a title: Good Grief!

That alone should give you some insight into what we’re in for.

Here’s an early version of The Shirt for your consideration. Is the song good for inclusion on the CD? Listen to the song then use the voting buttons in the poll at the bottom of the page to cast your vote! Also, feel free to leave comments in the box provided at the bottom.

Play the song:
[audio:|titles=The Shirt]

[poll id=”3″]

Vote here! Vote now! Vote often!

(See here for the reasons for these polls.)

Read more about The Shirt here.

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Next project: Good Grief! (CD). And you can help!

And have some fun ““ probably at my expense.   😀

Over the next while I will post songs that will be candidates for my next CD and I’d like to get your opinions about which ones you think should be on it. Why? Well, I have many more songs that are recorded than will fit on a CD so I’d like some help in getting a short list and finally a settled track listing. Judging by the messages I receive from you, gentle readers, I think you folks have impeccable tastes so I’m confident we’ll arrive at the best selection.

There will be a poll with each songs with voting buttons for your use. You can also leave comments in the box provided.

(I’m thinking of doing the same with artwork options for the CD booklet, etc.)

I hope you will help. There will be rewards and prizes but I’ve not worked these out yet (ideas welcome). Watch out for an announcement.

Vote here! Vote often!