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Noodling with words

As I wander from internet forum to bulletin board and back again, I come across certain topics that come up repeatedly like the sunrise. One of these is a question about the relative priority of music or lyrics when it comes to songwriting. If I pipe up and post a reply it is usually a minor reworking of what I’m always moved to write under such circumstances.

My replies are along the lines that I consider words and music equally important. More than that: I find words to be musical in their own right; their rhythm, the ability to mess with syllable emphasis, alliterations, and so forth… Colour, mood and other quasi-musical qualities are no less applicable to words.
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Tourism and songwriting

Last week I was in Italy with my family on holiday and we spent some considerable time strolling around the streets of Rome and Florence taking in the sights. I had decided before the trip that while there I would try and put lyrics to a few songs that I had kicking around waiting for same. Certainly, mulling over the tunes in my head while we negotiated our way through flocks of tourists kept my natural irritibility under such circumstances at bay. I hoped that the benign weather and the intoxicating smells and sounds would provide a stumulus for some creative outpouring. Well, in truth, I did get a song out of it but overall the divertions offered by these fine places were too numerous and sustained to offer much opportunity for serious and prolonged contemplation. Still, I have no regrets; it was a happy and rewarding couple of weeks and I now sport a healthy tan. And I have another song…