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US “Tour”

I am hugely tempted by an idea that popped into my head to visit the US next summer or autumn (Fall, dudes) and play a few places. I’m also considering combining with a family holiday – that is, I work and they holiday. For them it would by a bit of a mystery tour, the trip not having been arranged via the normal touristy methods. I reckon I can google for venues and send of a cd, or two, with a press-kit and maybe do some cold-calling. I’m used to this – or was. Although I do play gigs these days, they are none too frequent, are ad-hoc, and are offered rather than sought. Nevertheless, I have toured extensively in the past, particularly in Europe, so I’m no stranger to life on the road. But I have never played in the US.

Here are a few parameters that are in my head:

  • Venues can be whatever; coffee bars, clubs, pubs, Carnegie Hall, festivals, open air, indoors…
  • Fees are not a priority and are entirely negotiable
  • Generally I would be responsible for my own travel, food and accommodation
  • I would not carry my own sound reinforcement, so if needed, this would have to be provided
  • Set, or sets, can be anything up to 2 hours (more than that, I can’t guarantee integrity of fingernails! <- joke)
  • I’m happy to formalise by contract in advance.
  • I anticipate producing publicity material: press kits, posters, brochures, fliers and forwarding these to the venues in advance of the show.
  • I would cooperate with regard to other publicity intitiatives in advance of the engagement, as appropriate and practicable
  • That’s the way I’m thinking at the moment.

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