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Tonight a session!

I’m going to pop along to Stonehaven Folk Club tonight to see some friends and play a few songs. Stonehaven is my favourite club hereabouts. Nice folks and some good singers and players.

The only down side of sessions is that they are like song circles where everybody gets to play one song in turn. My problem with this is associated with my chops ““ I’ve always needed to warm them up before they feel good and they do what they’re supposed to do. It happens that in song circles that although my chops get nicely warmed up with one song, they get cooled right back down again by the time it’s my turn again to do something. So I never quite get into the swing of anything. I’ve always had this way with my chops and it doesn’t improve with age.

Oh, and there’s another downside: ‘coz I’m drivin’ – no drinkies. Just fizzy mineral water.

But that’s all a minor quibble. The most important thing is being there, having fun and sharing.
Then back home over the “Slug Road” to Banchory, a bottle of wine and some noodling into the wee small hours. Magical.

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  1. i used to sing years ago when live music in clubs was fashionable. No more around here 🙁

    I’m jealous, sounds fun

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