Author: Dave

  • My day job…

    Don’t ask me what it is ’cause I won’t tell you. This is a deeply ingrained habit. I’ve always endeavored to keep that part of my life separate from the important bit. It’s a rare day-job colleague who knows I play guitar. I like it that way. Suffice to say I’ve got day job. Which […]

  • On Imitation

    I fail to understand the impulse of some folks who doggedly try to exactly copy the playing style of the famous old bluesmen. I come across “tuition” in this regard through my lurking around some of the guitar forums out there. Lick by lick, folks slavishly copy the accents and even the supposed disposition of […]

  • Just a nice day

    Early morning this Wednesday very benign with blue skies and a trail, or two, of cirrus. I haven’t heard a weather forecast so I don’t know if it’s a lull before something. Also warm for the north-east of Scotland and the time of year. (Hey – I’ve just checked the spelling of “cirrus” and found […]

  • Po Faced & I Don’t Think So

    These two have been around for a bit, now. I Don’t Think So is a new song, ie., it was written less than a year ago. Po-Faced used to exist under another name more than 30 (three-zero) years ago and has been recently revised resuscitated. Mucho changes. It (Po Faced) used to be a nasty, […]

  • What?

    Yes: “Noodles”. As in noodling on the guitar. I was going to call this section “Songs” but that presupposes a section on finished articles which would be as interesting as stripping paint – to write about, anyway. So “Noodles”, it is, then. Most of everything comes from noodles. Not always as haphazard as just moping […]

  • What is Uneasy Listening?

    Well, it’s the working title of the new project which in time will be a CD. To call it something at this stage gives it some “personality” which may influence the content. I’ve already got a few songs earmarked for inclusion some of which are already recorded and exist on my hard drive as scratch […]

  • My Acoustic Guitar Recording Setup

    The following is a copy and paste of something I wrote on an internet forum, not too far from here. I repeat it here ’cause it’s fundamental to my recording practice and might be of interest to my fellow guitarists and weekend warriors in the studio… I read a lot of huffing and puffing about […]

  • US “Tour”

    I am hugely tempted by an idea that popped into my head to visit the US next summer or autumn (Fall, dudes) and play a few places. I’m also considering combining with a family holiday – that is, I work and they holiday. For them it would by a bit of a mystery tour, the […]

  • Why Ain’t I Gigging (very much)?

    Ooh, well… This is hard to write about without is sounding like a bunch of baloney and excuses. And maybe there will be some truth in that – but i’m going to give it a shot, anyway. If you have stumbled across some biographical material elsewhere you might have read that I quit playing in […]

  • Beinn Mheadhoin

    Right, well, hills are important to me. If I can drag my ass out of bed and get enough coffee down my throat, there’s little I like better than spending a long day in the hills. So this part of the site will be about those pleasant days. For the time being, the items will […]


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