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  • An optimistic morning…

    The day is still and only on the coast does there appear to be the rumour of a chill wind. The light is sharp and the low morning sun keeps one honest when driving east along the north Deeside road. The gulls, judging by the absence of airborne nagging and screaming, must be sunning themselves […]

  • My day job…

    Don’t ask me what it is ’cause I won’t tell you. This is a deeply ingrained habit. I’ve always endeavored to keep that part of my life separate from the important bit. It’s a rare day-job colleague who knows I play guitar. I like it that way. Suffice to say I’ve got day job. Which […]

  • On Imitation

    I fail to understand the impulse of some folks who doggedly try to exactly copy the playing style of the famous old bluesmen. I come across “tuition” in this regard through my lurking around some of the guitar forums out there. Lick by lick, folks slavishly copy the accents and even the supposed disposition of […]

  • Just a nice day

    Early morning this Wednesday very benign with blue skies and a trail, or two, of cirrus. I haven’t heard a weather forecast so I don’t know if it’s a lull before something. Also warm for the north-east of Scotland and the time of year. (Hey – I’ve just checked the spelling of “cirrus” and found […]

  • Just up!

    This is the very first post here just to test and I should really delete it – but I’m not going to. So there.


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