Coming soon – “Outros”!

“Outros” is a project I’ve been thinking about for some time. Outros are tunes that have gathered (dust) over the years. They may have developed into songs had I found the words that suited them. Or the other way around. Since I have abandoned songwriting for the present and foreseeable future these tunes needed to find another purpose or function. Hence “Outros”. It’s true that I had previously published some early and embryonic versions of them here using virtual instruments derived from the written guitar scores but I’ve removed these because (a) they were not fit for purpose; (b) they have all undergone considerable development; and (c) I have taken the time to get them under my fingers on the guitar so as to be in a fit state to properly record. At the moment there are about a couple of dozen of these Outros and several are recorded.

So, over the coming months, I have a plan to publish both the recordings and the finished guitar scores (in notation and tablature), certainly here, initially, before wider distribution, if there is enough interest. I will publish these individually and not as a set or album – at least at first. Again, level of interest will determine the decision on that.

So please keep tuned for the first Outro release announcement which should be very shortly.






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