“I Can See Dover”… and more

Since the re-release of my first record (c.1976) as a CD earlier this year, we’re looking forward to “I Can See Dover” to follow. I’m expecting to hear from Seelie Court Records on a release date soon. I’ll let you know.

Seelie Court have proposed to issue a box-set containing the CD versions of the “Dave Keir” and “I Can See Dover” albums but also including Interim Reports, Uneasy Listening and Good Grief! They have also proposed to include in this box set 30, or so, songs that I have recorded but have not published / released.

I am waiting for final confirmation on the above, but I can say the Seelie Court have sent me the digital re-masters of the “I Can See Dover” master tapes I sent them, so I will, in any event, be able to re-release the album independently, if need be.






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