New Release: Outro in C minor

Have a listen here.

Would I call this contemplative? Or merely a musical musing around a couple of keys? C minor is a strange key for any fingerstyle guitar player to wander about in. But, hey, I was able to find an escape route. Clearly this could never have been a song and was never intended to be – except that often I’ve found noodling on my guitar without any assumptions of what I was going to end up with did sometimes hit upon a serendipity moment and a song-like melody would emerge. But this one always seemed to want to remain a guitar piece unencumbered with ambitions for lyrics to be pasted on top of it. So I let it wander off to see what it could find. So is it contemplative? Certainly. But as I listen to it the predominance of the “Scotch snap” rhythmic turn reminds me of a slow drunken stagger along a street in the wee small hours under lamplight. So, maybe a maudlin meander home after a night of … well, what exactly?






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