New Release: Outro in D minor (No.1)

Yeah.. well.. An early version of this was intended to be a song back in the day. There were lyrics. I remember that during a holiday in Rome, Italy, some years ago wandering around the city with the tune in my head working on them. The rhymes… the “scanning”. Some musings on dancing were part of them; “Won’t you teach me to dance?” was a line. I eventually wrote a full set of lyrics down with a view to practice and revision. But it didn’t come to pass. I don’t really know why; I have a suspicion that the lyrics didn’t “scan” right. When sung over the guitar part, it didn’t feel comfortable. Anyway, I had already written down the guitar part and that was how it stayed. Until…

Realising that, like some of my songs that did make the cut, the melody was being defined by what was being played on the guitar. In fact, the guitar “accompaniment” could happily live without something sung on top of it. So, with a little arranging on-the-sly I turned it into a guitar piece: an Outro.

Have a listen here!

Playing, or listening to it now I think I can still hear why it sounded evocative of a dance to me. And why, in Rome, I should cobble something around the idea of dancing, albeit that dancing has never something I’ve done often, been good at, or enjoyed. Maybe that’s why I wanted someone to “teach me”.






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