News And Views And A Little Music Store

Welcome. I hope you find it useful and interesting here. There is a blog I do keep up to date with news, interesting stuff about the acoustic music scene in Edinburgh and, just occasionally, my views. There is a small store where you can listen to and buy my songs as downloads or even the shrink-wrapped CDs. There are also solo guitar pieces to be had. Most of my music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services and the links to these are provided at the bottom of the page.

You can read my potted biography here. Through the years each one of my guitars has been special to me and I have dedicated a page to them with pics and descriptions of their sounds and their place in my world. I’ve also set up a page showing and describing the studio I set up in Banchory, Scotland, where all of the songs on my CDs were recorded. My best times were playing for audiences and friends (is there a difference?) in Belgium and Germany and part of this website is a salute to them and the friendships they gave me.

You can read here about the making of my records from the first vinyl LP in 1976 to my CDs in the following century. There’s also a couple of videos from a recording session for my 1982 LP. I have recently agreed a contract with Seelie Court Records to issue all of my records and CDs as well as 30, or so, unreleased songs as a complete box set. This will be available here and elsewhere in late 2023 / early 2024.

I have written down the guitar parts for most of my songs and these can be viewed and downloaded for free here. Also available when buying any of my Outros is an option to buy the guitar score. All guitar scores are presented in standard musical notation and guitar tab. Guitar players (and anyone else!) can contact me with questions or for advice about the scores. I will shortly also record and publish my arrangements of Scottish and Irish (aka “Celtic”) fiddle tunes for fans and players of traditional folk music.


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