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  • Guitar Player’s Thumb & Guitar Player’s Shoulder

    All right, I’ve got issues with both of these. Not crippling or stopping me playing but in need of care and sorting if possible. The thumb in question is my left – or fretting – hand. It’s a tendon thing probably caused by poor posture / technique over the years. I can avoid pain if […]

  • New Release: Outro in A minor (No.2)

    This Outro is quite straightforward and is composed out of three simple tunes that are of various vintage. They conjure up for me impressions and mental images associated with the times when I came across them. Together – and in this form – they provoke slight feelings of nostalgia – and yet, just because they’re […]

  • New Release: Outro in D minor (No.2)

    Despite my best efforts to follow my muse, this tune has seen fit to waltz off on its own. Indeed, there are parts you can just about sway along to. This is the risk off writing in 3/4 time. Comes with the country, I suppose. If you listen, you’ll hear that I did try to […]

  • New Release: Outro in A (No.1)

    As promised, I’ve published the first “Outro”. Having written before that many of my Outros are unused embryonic song accompaniments I have to now publish this which I think you will agree could never have tolerated a melody with words on top of it. This tune could never have evolved into a song. It needed […]

  • “Dave Keir” CD Sold Out!

    Seelie Court have told me that the CD run has sold out which is great news. It was distributed widely worldwide so I’m very pleased with this. Thank you to everybody who bought it. I still have a few available in the store here, so if you are considering buying it I wouldn’t hang around […]

  • “I Can See Dover”… and more

    Since the re-release of my first record (c.1976) as a CD earlier this year, we’re looking forward to “I Can See Dover” to follow. I’m expecting to hear from Seelie Court Records on a release date soon. I’ll let you know. Seelie Court have proposed to issue a box-set containing the CD versions of the […]

  • Coming soon – “Outros”!

    “Outros” is a project I’ve been thinking about for some time. Outros are tunes that have gathered (dust) over the years. They may have developed into songs had I found the words that suited them. Or the other way around. Since I have abandoned songwriting for the present and foreseeable future these tunes needed to […]

  • “Dave Keir” CD – Now On Sale!

    Pending solution to world-wide vinyl shortage, the CD version of this 1976 album has been issued on CD. The CD can be bought here, of course, and from many other fine outlets. Those interested in the US can go to UK, EU and worldwide customers are invited to get their copy here. Thank you […]

  • 1976 LP “Dave Keir” Reissue!

    I’m pleased and proud to announce the re-release of my 1976 LP “Dave Keir” courtesy of Seelie Court Records. It is available on pre-order from Rough Trade. This will be available initially as a CD with a vinyl version to follow. Also my 1982 LP “I Can See Dover” will be available very soon! Very […]

  • Family & Friends (love & hatred)

    I’m not so naive that I cannot know that any relationship that matters will have its hard times, misunderstandings, disappointments, and even moments of enmity. But I’ve always presumed that we all grow (older and a bit more mature and experienced) and get a little bit more forgiving, understanding and thereby more loving. Not, so […]


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